What does a graphic designer do exactly?

Glad you asked. Surprising how many people don't know.

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A logo can be very simple with using a font only and or include a symbol. When you get into a distinct brand and working with colors much more is involved in the process and will be reflected in the price.

We can make a custom fit for every unique business needs and offer a variety of solutions to meet that need. Do you already have an existing brand or starting from the beginning we have the expertise and skill to make your logo memorable and impacting.

Steps to consider to prepare for logo development

To start the process, we have a form that you can fill out and submit if you would like to start the process or simply requesting a quote for the project.

To keep within a tighter budget you can do some of the preoperational steps to be ready for the rough sketch and designing process.

If you prefer to leave the whole process to us. We will put a proposal together to include gathering and research and steps in between. Leave it to us and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

To start the process simply fill out the form giving up some details about your company. Whether it is to meet with us for a no cost consultation or simply requesting a quote.

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